Orvosi zsálya

Well-known beneficial effects according to folk traditions

  • facilitates digestion
  • improves anorexia.
  • antibiotic
  • has a fever and analgesic effect

The active substance in the product

kapcsolódó tartalom

Medical sage

Orvosi zsálya
What's in it ?
It contains a huge number of active ingredients: essential oil, tannins (rosemary acid, oleic acid), diterpenes (carnosol), flavonoids (salvigenin, luteolin).
Its essential oil contains thujone, camphor, borneol, eucalyptol, linalool.
What is it good for?

Thanks to its numerous active ingredients, it is extremely widely applicable to a wide variety of ailments. Sage has an anti-inflammatory and antiperspirant effect. Its regulating effect on sweat formation is also known. It is recommended as a rinsing agent against gingivitis, inflammation of the mouth and pharyngeal mucosa. For respiratory diseases, sage is one of the best herbs. Its use internally is recommended for the treatment of bloating and indigestion. The leaves are suitable for treating insect bites and minor swellings by rubbing the damaged surface with leaf sap