What is „More Than Honey”?

The honey-based “Multi-Honey” (MTH) product family developed by Y-Food Kft. Is a functional food family that is produced exclusively by bees and the amount of physiologically beneficial active components in them can significantly exceed the useful ingredients in natural honeys.

Since its establishment in 1994, Y-Food Kft. Has been engaged in the production of honey products and in the process has developed several innovative product families. In 2008, he started the   development of the “Multi-Honey” product family containing herbal extract, in cooperation with two organic beekeepers from Debrecen. The essence of the method is to make fermented bee feed from herbs that do not naturally produce nectar or other parts of it (leaf, stem, root) containing herbal active ingredients extracted by sugar extraction and fermentation and this is fed to the bee colonies. The resulting bee product together carries the beneficial nutritional physiological effects of honey and herbs. The product is extracted (spun) in the usual way in the apiary, and nothing is then added to or extracted from the resulting bee product.