Tökmagos méz

One of the leading products of our company is made using specially roasted, shellless pumpkin seeds and acacia honey. Its high nutritional value is well known and is used in folk medicine as a potency enhancer.


The active substance in the product

kapcsolódó tartalom

Honey with pumpkin seeds


Pumpkin seed honey contains roasted unshelled pumpkin seeds in acacia honey, the beneficial effects of which are:

Acacia honey: Hungarian acacia honey can be considered a real hungaricum, its fructose (fructose) content is much higher than its glucose (grape sugar) content, thanks to which it remains in a liquid state for a long time, it is difficult to crystallize. Acacia honey is known to have antiseptic, bone-strengthening, immune-boosting effects, but is also excellent for gastric acid overload, indigestion and upper respiratory diseases. It is also known for its beneficial effects as a cough suppressant, liver regenerator, and relieves sore throat. Due to the low concentration of pollen, allergy sufferers can also consume it.

Pumpkin seeds: its natural healing effect is recognized for the prevention of several diseases, it has a positive effect on almost everything from anemia to kidney, heart and liver diseases. Pumpkin seeds are an excellent source of energy, as an aphrodisiac ("Hungarian viagra") as a sedative, laxative and anemia. The active ingredients in pumpkin seeds are effective in treating the prostate problem and help prevent osteoporosis and prostate cancer. Due to its high zinc content, it helps the integrity of vision, as a source of magnesium it helps the normal functioning of the heart