Akácméz és vegyes virágméz szilkében

Honey packaged in natural packaging (glazed silk), produced in the Bihar region. All visible elements of the packaging are handmade. We recommend it primarily as a gift.


The active substance in the product

kapcsolódó tartalom

Acacia honey, mixed honey in silk


We fill the silk with high quality acacia and mixed honey purchased from Hungarian producers.

Beneficial effects of acacia honey:

Hungarian acacia honey can be considered a real hungaricum, its fructose (fructose) content is much higher than its glucose (glucose) content, thanks to which it remains in a liquid state for a long time, it is difficult to crystallize. Acacia honey is known to have antiseptic, bone-strengthening, immune-boosting effects, but is also excellent for gastric acid overload, indigestion and upper respiratory diseases. It is also known for its beneficial effects as a cough suppressant, liver regenerator, and relieves sore throat. Due to the low concentration of pollen, allergy sufferers can also consume it.

Beneficial effects of mixed flower honey:

Honey contains the most vitamins and minerals, as the nectar of the most varied herbs and vitamins is added to the product. Its color and taste vary widely depending on the bee pasture, but it typically has an intense aroma and a succulent taste. Pollen sensitive people should consume it carefully.