The beneficial physiological effects of honey and herbs have been known and used in health preservation for thousands of years. Both in Hungary and abroad, there are many interesting and valuable products where medicinal products are added to various varieties of honey. It is also a method used to protect the health of bee colonies and increase their performance by feeding various beneficial medicinal products (bee bread, etc.). During the patent process of "More Than Honey", these known and protected methods were examined, the evaluation of which proved the novelty content of the patent, which differs from the previously known processes in the following:

  • The herbs are introduced into the bee feed only before being fed to the bees.
  • In the production of " More Than Honey ", in addition to feeding bee feed that is beneficial to bees, the aim is to produce a product of high physiological value suitable for human consumption, which can be widely used in beekeeping technology.
  • After spinning, nothing is added or taken from the resulting bee product (“More Than Honey”).
  • During the production of the product we refrain from high heat treatment, we do not use preservatives, flavor enhancers or any artificial additives

As a result of more than a decade of development work, a patent has been filed for the production of “ More Than Honey”.



The file “Process for the preparation of bee feed using medicinal plants and the production of food produced by bees” was submitted to the National Office of Intellectual Property on 9 February 2015 under file number P15 00061 (internal priority 10.04.2014). According to the abstract of the patent, the invention relates to a process for the production of bee feed from plants and sugar by extracting one part by weight of fresh or dried plant material with 1-5 parts by weight of sugar and 0-4 parts by weight of water, based on the fresh plant part, the sugar plant extract and the solid phase is separated, the solid phase is fermented by lactic acid fermentation after adding 4 to 10 parts by weight of water, and the enzyme is filtered off and mixed with 0 to 4 parts by weight of sugar and sugary plant extract. Ragweed or herbs can be used as plant material, alone, by variety or as a mixture. The extraction and lactic acid fermentation are carried out in a known manner, preferably at a temperature close to room temperature. .

The SZTNH approved the filed patent procedure on January 6, 2020 under registration number 231,010.