About Us

Since its establishment in 1994, Y-Food Kft has been dealing with honey packaging and the innovation of beekeeping products. Among the founding members, Lajos Daróczi Jr., an agricultural engineer and a food industry engineer, set the goal of processing honey produced in family beekeeping in an independent honey factory. Initially, with the start-up of the honey factory in Bakonszeg, the honey produced by Lajos Daróczi Sr., a beekeeper for 50 years, was packaged in the family business. Through continuous innovation, the company, in collaboration with organic beekeepers, has developed the technology for the production of the herbal extract bee product, “Multi-Honey”, which is now protected by a patent. In parallel with this innovation, he established his own honey factory in Berettyóújfalu, which still operates under the name of First Bihar Honey Factory, which is managed by his founder, Erzsébet Nagy, plant manager. Zoltán Daróczi, a naturalist, was also involved in making the beneficial physiological effects of the products as widely known as possible. The "Multi-Honey" product family now has a number of product variants and its production technology is also protected by a patent.

Bihari honey knight order

The Bihar Honey Knight Order was founded in 2012. Among the Daróczi operating in Y-Food Kft (see picture from left to right), Lajos Daróczi is a founding member, Zoltán Daróczi is a volunteer supporter, Jr. Lajos Daróczi is a founding member. Y-Food Ltd. provides the administrative-infrastructural background for the organizational life of the Bihar Honey Knight Order, strengthens the relations with the Hungarian and cross-border (mainly Transylvanian) brother Honey Knight orders. It helps the annual Bihar Honey Breakfast program.