What's in it ?
The herb contains flavonoids, silicic acid, small amounts of alkaloids, long chain fatty acids.
What is it good for?

Horseradish is an excellent herb for blood cleansing cures and can be used as a diuretic in pelvic inflammatory disease and bladder disorders. It is a well-known hemostatic and can be used to treat nosebleeds. It has been used in folk medicine for its antitussive effect. Also good against rheumatism and gout. It is also used for weak, brittle nails and hair loss because the silicic acid it contains is high in silicon, which is a vital element for the human body. It also helps with wound healing. It is an effective remedy for urinary tract infections and a good diuretic for edematous feet. Gargarisate is effective in inflammation of the gums, mouth and throat. According to some data, it has the effect of increasing the resilience of the body.