What's in it ?
(camazulene, bisabolol, bisabolol oxides) contains essential oil, flavonoids (apigenin) and their glycosides, coumarins (umbelliferone, herniarin), mucus.
What is it good for?

Chamomile flower is one of our best known herbs, an official drug found in the pharmacopoeias of most states. The essential oils found in chamomile are mainly anti-inflammatory. Chamomile steaming relieves coughs and the symptoms of viral and bacterial respiratory infections, and the immune-stimulating effect of the drug may be effective in these diseases. Gargling or mouthwash can eliminate inflammation of the gums, mouth and throat. It can be used as an inhaler in bronchitis. In the case of wounds and aphthous mouths, chamomile rinsing is often the right remedy. Regular consumption of tea relieves stomach upset, nausea, nausea and symptoms of intestinal inflammation.