What's in it ?
Active ingredients include essential oils containing thymol and carvacrol, tannins, triterpenes and flavonoids. its essential oils (thymol and carvacrol) have bactericidal, antiseptic, antipyretic and antispasmodic effects. Bitter and tannins improve digestion.
What is it good for?

It is also an excellent appetite stimulant, stomach enhancer, antispasmodic, cough suppressant, and an expectorant. It is most often used for respiratory complaints: it is an excellent antitussive and expectorant, it can relieve bronchospasm in asthmatics. It relieves smokers from coughing in the morning, and helps to eliminate the cough after quitting. Reduces anorexia, stimulates digestion, folk medicine also uses it in case of gastrointestinal disorders. It also has a kidney and bladder disinfectant effect.